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Most women on here say they swallow, and most men say they love going down on women.Let's take a little survey and see a more actual number: Men: Of the women you've been with how many let you c*m in their mouth?Women: Of the men you've been with how many went down on you?

Don't overlook the powerful presence Facebook has captured on mobile devices -- more than 250 million people access Facebook over a mobile device, and they are twice as active on Facebook as desktop and laptop users.Level 1: Things you find in a pencil case: pencil pen eraser crayons ruler sharpener marker Fruits with seeds or pits: apple orange peach watermelon cherry plum pear Picture keywords: fire water hose fireman truck Level 2: First thing you do in the morning: breakfast get dressed brush teeth alarm wash toilet stretch check phone Something that requires a ticket: movie concert train bus plane parking game Picture keywords: chalk colors school board draw kid Level 3: Something everyone has played: Video Games Sports Board Games Cars Tag Hide and Seek Parts of a car: Tire Engine door steering wheel window bonnet boot bumper brakes Picture keywords: Wine red glass drink pour alcohol Level 4: Job you wanted to do when you were a kid: doctor teacher police officer veterinarian singer firefighter actor astronaut pilot It’s round: ball circle earth orange sun head moon Picture keywords: onion pepper healthy cry cooking Level 4: It smells good: food perfume flower soap candle clean laundry Facebook: friends photos social status messenger like blue share Wall Picture keywords: record music old needle player spin Level 6: It’s yellow: banana sun flower duck lemon tennis ball bee corn Words used by the weatherman: rain sun cloud hot storm cold wind temperature Picture keywords: alarm late time wake up bed Level 7: Equipment used by Indiana Jones: Whip Hat gun knife bag boots torch map It brings bad luck: black cat ladder mirror umbrella salt friday 13th Picture keywords: fire match burn flame hot Level 8: It gets dirty quickly: shoes laundry house car hands kids dishes It’s soft: pillow hair blanket cotton teddy bear cloud feather Picture keywords: coffee mug tea morning Level 9: It grows quickly: plant people hair nails mold Exotic fruit: pineapple kiwi mango star fruit banana papaya dragon fruit coconut guava Picture keywords: fries fast food salt fat potato Level 10: Things that go around: earth merry go round wheel ball roundabout clock String instruments: violin guitar cello harp bass piano Picture keywords: handshake deal business meeting Level 11: Percussion Instruments: drum cymbal triangle xylophone maraca Bank: money vault teller card robber loan account atm Picture keywords: art picture museum painting gallery woman Level 12: It’s itchy: rash bug bite wool clothes chicken pox lice DIY tools: hammer saw drill screwdriver nail wrench glue Picture keywords: Formula race fast driver track Level 13: Things you can dilute: juice water bleach alcohol salt sugar coffee acid Las Vegas: gambling casino money lights USA desert weddings Nevada Picture keywords: Vacation beach suitcase sign blue sun Level 14: It’s useful for the elderly: cane wheelchair glasses love hearing aid dentures medicine Noise heard in a city: cars people sirens trains barking construction music Picture keywords: jellyfish ocean sting orange tentacles Level 15: A dangerous job: police firefighter army construction miner pilot lion tamer stuntman electrician It makes you happy: food family love animals friends sun money music sports Picture keywords: cheetah fast spots wild africa Level 16: It produces heat: oven sun fire heater lamp body Something you can no longer live without : food phone water family love air internet friends Picture keywords: warm winter coffee tea cup Level 17: Camping: tent fire marshmallows outdoors sleeping bag family friends It makes you feel better when you are sick: medicine sleep soup love drink warmth Picture keywords: Jesus Rio statue Brazil Level 18: A good place to party: house club beach bar pool park Dentist: teeth pain filling drill clean braces chair Picture keywords: plane sky dream child fly Level 19: Objects that have a screen: Phone computer television tablet GPS Tools used for gardening: shovel hoe rake fork shears watering can lawn mower Picture keywords: snoring loud sleep annoying bed tired Level 20: Types of music: rock pop rap country jazz classical dance reggae Things used by a police officer: gun handcuffs car baton taser badge flashlight radio Picture keywords: laptop glasses work office mouse Level 21: It’s red: blood apple tomato fire truck stop strawberry pepper rose It makes you laugh: joke comedian friend clown tickle people falling Picture keywords: pasta tomato cheese Italian fork Check out levels 22-30 solution suggestions: 94% answers Use the comment section below to ask for help on any questions or images.We all know that a name can tell a lot about a person.If your kids have teased you that "Facebook is for old people" they are not exactly right, but the majority of adults (72 percent) who are online visit Facebook at least once a month.However, young folks do use Facebook and in no small numbers -- 91% of millennials (individuals age 15-34) also used Facebook in 2015.

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