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A new approach to the Beta-dosimetry of ceramics for thermoluminescence dating; Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 201, 503-506. Grain size distribution in ceramics and the β-dose Rate for thermoluminescence dating; Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 196, 505-506.

Prospective graduate students interested in related research questions and the methodologies used in this lab are encouraged to contact Dr.

A new technique for calibrating a Nal (T I) scintillometer used to measure γ-dose rates in archaeological sites: Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 174, 593-597.

Palaeointensity and thermoluminescence measurements on Cretan kilns from 1300 to 2000BC; Nature, 283, 54-55.

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Springer Briefs in Earth System Sciences ( (See the first seven pages:

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