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It was easier than blowing up in his face all the time.

I mean, obviously I wouldn't want to ever live with him again but it was a game and now I would still definitely go have lunch with him, no problem."Now that you have a bit of distance from the game, can you understand why Natalie remained loyal to Rob and betrayed you?

You had a pretty strained relationship with Phillip. "Obviously you saw how much Phillip and I clashed but that was no surprise to anyone.

I have a strong personality and it's harder for me to keep things in, which is why you saw all the facial reactions I made.

Lots of times, the people we voted out, it was our idea.It was the last Tribal Council and we knew that he would use it because it was the last time that he could.So we knew that we couldn't vote for him and Andrea was the next biggest threat because she fought her way back into the game from Redemption Island.But I don't think I would have gotten as far in the game as I did had I not stuck to the original alliance."Ometepe received a lot of criticism for being "cult-like".Do you feel like you followed Rob's instructions blindly or that you made more individual decisions? At the start obviously we were clearly taking our lead from Rob but as it got down to less people I was definitely thinking about making a plan for myself in each different scenario and I don't think Natalie was doing that at all. for me, I knew I'd built a good relationship with people on the jury and was a threat so I knew that I had to win those last three challenges in a row and just came up a bit short in the last one.

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She knew she had no chance of winning and Phillip had no chance of winning so she basically chose not to win a million over me.

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