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Those who still believe there's magic hidden somewhere off the interstate.

Whether you slaughter or befriend everyone (or walk a middle path), the writing in this game is top-tier, the soundtrack is second-to-none, and the plot hides a treasure trove of secrets that players still haven't fully uncovered.

You water your crops in the morning, and think about how you're going to improve your farm. Valve's follow-up to a classic improves on the humour, characterization and puzzle-solving of its predecessor to deliver a tight, focused experience full of poignancy and humour.

You head in to town and stop by the general store to get seeds and chat up the cute boy you've had your eye on. It may be one of the oldest games on this list, but it continues to hold its place by offering peerless puzzles and one of the best split-screen co-op modes of all time.

We've made a few substitutions to bring this list up to match our PC games list.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Arkham City, Team Fortress 2, Gone Home and Borderlands 2 have cleared room for Total War: Shogun 2, Kentucky Route Zero, Counter Strike: GO, Dragon Age: Origins and Dota 2.

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A Good Match For: History buffs, anyone who knows that kingdoms rise and fall on much more than the strength of their armies.

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  1. It absolutely got me to write back.” —Kim Newman, San Diego, CA Love lesson: The number-one challenge in online dating is standing out from the crowd somehow (in a good way, of course).