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Generally, established organizations have been around for a while and have a good membership base.

You might want to check any information provided on the Web site against that found in the Encyclopedia of Associations, located in Olson Library (Ready Reference HS 17 . Another way of determining the reputation of an organization is to examine how it is referred to in newspaper or periodical articles.

Clues include an author's educational background (e.g.

A checklist on how to identify fake news in ten questions. Once the individual or organization responsible for the content is known, you can then begin to look at other clues to help you ascertain credibility, such as credentials and reputation.

Be especially wary of sites in which the author or sponsoring organization is not clearly stated.

You can use the library's subscription databases to search for articles in newspapers and periodicals on a particular organization.

Other sources known for quality include online journals and magazines.

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