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^ Nel Grillaert is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, associated to the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at Ghent University', Belgium. In: Khudozhestvennyi metod i tvorcheskaia individual'nost' pisatelia. In: Russkaia slovesnost' v mirovom kul'tumom kontekste: Izbrannye doklady i tezisy.

Her research is financed by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO).

Such a camp is a big test - for everybody - and dan- gerous. The truth of a people is the appearance of the Being, out of which the people knows what it wants historically, by wanting itself, by wanting to be itself The truth of the being of a people originates from the poet, but the manifested existence of the being is understood and structured and thus opened only through the thinker." In the same lecture Heidegger links poetry and philosophy to state agency and maintains that one of the three aspects prevails at different times.^^ No doubt Heidegger believed that the philosopher stands at the center of the national project in the 1930s - Karl Jaspers relates Martin Heidegger's famous statement that he intended to lead the Führer (den Führer fuhren).

The leader was needed only as a focus for the self consciousness of the people; and it was the author's task to help his people recognize its own greatness and its necessary, yet unknown destiny. In their introduction to the contemporary edition Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition, Patti- son and Thompson straightforwardly state that "Dostoevsky was a confessed Orthodox Christian, but his relationship with official Ortho- doxy remains unclear" (Pattison & Thompson, 2001: 7). A.: "Zapiski iz Mertvogo doma": formirovanie poetiki ocherkovogo povestvovaniia. Akhundova, L: Dostoevskii glazami nashikh sovremennikov (iz interv'iu ep.

Both Dostoevsky and Heidegger seem to advocate the same solution: Since the course of history of a people is prepared by destiny, the most important point is not to push history forward towards its goal, but to help Victor Farias: Heidegger und der Nationalsozialismus. Karl Löwith: Mein Leben in Deutschland vor und nach 1933. Dostoevsky dedicated much of his time and energy to his publicistic projects and tried to get hold of his audience in two ways: He fed them interesting novels and taught them with his capturing essays.^ ^ In his famous "Pushkin Speech" (PSS 26, 148) Dostoevsky hailed Pushkin as the spiritual leader of the Russian nation. 106 June Pachuta Farris Alekseeva, Mariia Leonardovna: Vvedenie priema opisaniia v nemetskikh perevodakh proizvedenii F.

Pushkin is, of course, merely a stand-in for Dostoevsky' s own aspirations. Heidegger and Dostoevsky 45 Munich because he would have a broader audience there. In: Sviatootecheskie traditsii v msskoi literature: Sbomik matrialov II vserossiiskoi nauchnoi konferentsii, 24 aprelia 2009 g.

Both convey the passion for an authentic life filled with meaning that characterizes one of the messages of both of these books. to live for God, for the soul.'" (Tolstoy, Anna, p.721) (Levin "...gliad[el] na nesmiatuiu travu, kotoraia byla pered nim, i sledia za dvizheniiami zelenoi bukashki,..." i dumal, '"..... ...[S]mysl zhizni ...zhit' dlia boga, dlia dushi'" [Tolstoi, Anna, vol.9, pp.394-5]). In the first issue of the journal Time Dostoevsky wrote: "We have become convinced, at last, that we are also a nationality of our own, original in the highest degree, and that our task is to create for ourselves a new form, our very own native one, taken from our native soil, taken from the spirit and the principles of our people." (PSS 18, 36) In the 1876 issue of A Writer 's Diary Dostoevsky went so far as to say: "In the earth, in the soil there is something sacred" (PSS 25, 95-99).^^ Dostoevsky maintained that the Tsar embodied all Russian values. Jeffrey Andrew Barash: Heidegger und der Historismus: Sinn der Geschichte und Geschichtlichkeit des Sinns. Heidegger: Die Selbstbehauptung der deutschen Universität. fmds its leadership." The people creates its own state from this leadership, and, in this state, the Volk "grows up" (wächst hinauf) into the nation.

Levin "...gaz[ed] at the downtrodden grass before him, and following the movements of a green insect...," thought, '"I have ...per- ceived what it is that I know... Links between Brothers Karamazov and Anna Karenina 27 Here is the passage from Father Zosima's teachings: "Ever' blade of grass, every insect, ant, and golden bee, all so amazingly know their path, though they have not intelligence, they bear witness to the mystery of God and continually accomplish it themselves" ' and save it- not by Christ, but by force. According to him, the Russians had to recognize their own Russianness in the Tsar. Again, Heidegger stresses the fact, that the German Volk has a premonition of its destiny, but the precise content is unknown.

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