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According to Hermeking (2006) the spread of modern technology, including information and communication technology (ICT), is commonly regarded both as an indicator of the postmodern era of globalization and as the very precondition for that era of intensive worldwide interactions of people and exchanges of goods, services, information, and capital.

On the contrary Hoffman (Hoffman et al., 1995) believes that the popularity of the WWW as a commercial medium (in contrast to other networks on the Internet) is due to its ability to facilitate global sharing of information and resources, and its potential to provide an efficient channel for advertising, marketing, and even direct distribution of certain goods and information services.

Also keep in mind that social networking websites are like communities.

The Social Networking sites have gained popularity and are on the increase for one simple reason, the ability to share, with others, information about yourself, your interests, your hobbies, your thoughts and your feelings or anything you choose.

The above figure outlines the E marketing strategy suggested Constantinides (2008) Nielsen Company analyzed and found that the global average time spent for a person on social networking sites is over five each month (February 2010 data), Facebook being the major part of the usage.

Social networking is a great option to advertise your business.

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The interactivity develops a new meaning when it is applied through Web 2.0 platforms and Social media channels as dialogue between consumer and company becomes much more active and interactive.According to Linda Peters (1998) the Web presents a fundamentally different environment- both as a medium and as a market - from traditional communication channels perspective.It creates the Marketspace - a virtual realm where products and services exist as digital information and can be delivered through information-based channels (Rayport and Svikola, 1994).Some are specific to a narrow category, like Small business, the Arts, connecting Families, Blogging, Making Money on the Internet and Dating Services (using a broad and polite term there).Some are popular by type of category they use, where others are popular by region (like UK and Europe, Africa, etc).

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