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The camel had to stand up somehow and it was an awfully terrifying feeling – first he pillowed on his front knees (or elbows?), then he stood on his back legs and finally on front legs.Three strong yanking, lots of screaming from me but we were up and I was sure it was gonna be easier from that point. With every step the camel took I was certain I’m gonna fall down any second.I was holding the holder so hard I could see my fingers turning white.

But soon we entered the desert with its smaller and bigger dunes and it did get easier.

Fortunately Jim Morisson turned out to be a well behaved camel and listen to Mustapha, stood still in one place and posed gracefully for the picture.

Still I was looking forward to finally reaching the oasis and I even considered walking back to Merzouga.

The best moments were when we were going up hill, the camel seemed to be the calmest then and I could relax a little bit too.

I even took my camera off from my bag and managed to take some random, bad pictures (holding my camera with one hand only, not actually looking in the viewer).

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I can admire them from a safe distance but when I get closer to them I’m simply terrified!

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