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I felt insulted that I was not referred to - as if my presence was a guilty secret.

One girlfriend feels nauseated every time her husband speaks to his 26-year-old daughter and goes all gooey and adoring, calling her 'darling' and 'sweetie' as if, she says, he's speaking to his young lover.

If they rang when we were in the car together, he wouldn't take the call.

Last spring, we were in the car when his daughter called.

Sixty per cent of second marriages go this way, compared with 42 per cent of first marriages.

For the first 18 months of our relationship, our blissful highs were punctuated by damning lows, raging arguments and periods of hyper-insecurity.

I hadn't envisaged I'd have to navigate such lonely and inhospitable terrain.

I did not introduce them until we were engaged, four months into our relationship, so she, like Andrew's daughters, had to accept our marriage as a fait accompli.

In the early days, I would literally feel sick every time he made the fortnightly, four-hour round trip to see his children, convinced they'd persuade him to leave me in our beautiful Oxfordshire home and move back to their seaside Sussex town.

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Equally, I am a preternatural neat-freak and unbearably houseproud.

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