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A wide literature review on the oral and dental health promotion in primary school students which comprised elements related to the referencial field of Odonto-Pediatrics, a responsibility of the stomatology staff that assists boys and girls, the prevention of oral and dental conditions, the education for health and others was carried out.It was concluded that the educational intervention is an effective and appropriate method to acquire and increase knowledge on oral health, as it makes possible that the students from one or another sex, besides transmitting it to members of their families and other schoolmates, become true oral health promoters in their community environment.La educación para la salud permite que el individuo adquiera una responsabilidad sostenida y compartida en la identificación y solución de los principales problemas de salud.Se caracteriza por una actuación continua, activa y organizada que hace que la participación sea consciente y responsable.Emacspeak comes as is, please see the accompanying Copyright notice.

By seamlessly blending all aspects of the Internet such as Web-surfing and messaging, Emacspeak speech-enables local and remote information via a consistent and well-integrated user interface.Available free of cost on the Internet, Emacspeak has dramatically changed how the author and thousands of blind and visually impaired users around the world interact with the personal computer and the Internet.A rich suite of task-oriented tools provides efficient speech-enabled access to the audio desktop and evolving semantic WWW.Starting with Emacspeak 17.0 (Happy Dog), the system also includes support for Fonix Software Dectalk.Speech servers for other synthesizers are available from Jim Van Zandt's home page.

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