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(The largest three-digit number in base 3, 222, is 26 in base 10, making this perfect for the A=1, B=2 ... The unused 000 can be used as a space character.)00011 01100 10101 00010 – if you've noticed the pattern in the past three examples, figuring out this one should be simple.

Cornelis Hofstede de Groot (1863-1930) was a Dutch art historian whose succession led to the creation of the RKD.

In most cases, when someone creates a puzzle for a contest or competition like MIT's Mystery Hunt, the solution to that puzzle is a piece of text, either a word or a phrase, perhaps an instruction.

(Some other solutions are numbers, and I suppose some could be pictures.) But when a puzzle is number-based, how does one get from a number or group of numbers to a word or phrase?

A Caesar cipher is one of the simplest (and easiest cracked) encryption methods.

The icon is small, and the progress bar seems to remain blank for a long time for bigger downloads.Zeroes have been inserted where needed to make the numbers two digits. If it is read as 3, 1, 21, 9, 1, 3, it spells the gibberish CAUIAC; if read as 3, 1, 2, 19, 13, it spells CABSM. so Y and Z can't be used as normal.)002 102 021 013 020 110 – same as the last example, but uses base 4.This number broken into pairs is 03, 12, 01, 09, 13 – you can decipher it from there.3121913 – this is the same number as the previous example, with leading zeroes omitted. Solving this would likely come down to trial and error. So 002 becomes (0x4 0x4 2x1 = ) 2; 102 becomes (1x4 0x4 2x1 = ) 18, and so on.Thus, if the most common letter in a secret message is K, it is likely that K represents E.Additionally, common word endings such as ING, LY, and ES also give clues.

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