How do you spell intimidating

Maybe you feel spellcasting is becoming too repetitious, so you want to use whatever incense smells like money or sex or healing to you and use that. Generally, if you're trying to go with the flow of the Moon's power, waxing moons (from dark to full, with the full moon being the greatest power) are for anything you want to increase.

It might not be listed in a book next to money or whatnot, but the important thing is: It's what you want, it's what you associate with money. So, if you want to get a job, increase your income, increase your love, increase protection, etc., now's the time to do it.

If you don't put in the proper energy and focus, they won't work.

It's not that it isn't working because you created it, it isn't working because you don't believe in it.

He hasn't posted in forever, so I forgot his name and which thread it was that he said this. You have to believe in the spell, believe in magic(k), get all emotional over it, work up the energy and direct that energy to your goal. Every aspect of the spell is personal to you, and only you. After studying for five years, I've come to the conclusion, as well as countless and countless others, that spells work because of the emotion and energy you put into them. You can't just get the items needed, say the words, go through the motions, and expect it to work.One suggestion is to put all worry aside, and just use your own intuition.Just rely on yourself, if you want to use a red candle for a money spell instead of a green one just because some book says so, go ahead with it!

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At first, making your own spell can be...intimidating, for lack of a better word.

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