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The "Younger Now" singer said, Three years ago, if you'd asked me if I'd be here, this happy with this man, I'd have been stunned. In some relationships, you lose yourself by being with someone else. I have no idea what the next three years will bring, but if it's possible to get even happier, I'll take it.This sounds healthier than any relationship I've ever had in my entire life. There have been rumors going around for months that the couple already got married, but Cyrus' mom shut that down back in June.She said in an interview with Mario Lopez,when she said she wants nothing with Hemsworth to change. It feels like nothing changed except we grew up a lot.” So no, we won't be getting an invitation to the Cyrus/Hemsworth wedding anytime soon, but it's not like we were going to get one in the first place.Miley and Liam met while filming the movie "The Last Song," released in 2010, and dated seriously before breaking up.(Lol, just kidding, everything is still so awful, but these two are cute.)While we're on the topic of the breakup...Cyrus finally revealed how she and Hemsworth got back together after three years apart.Other celebs that came out to play for the sketch were cast member Kate Mc Kinnon's Tilda Swinton, Cecily Strong's Sofia Vegara, Melissa Villaseñor's Ariana Grande, and Alex Moffat's Chris Hemsworth.

On Friday, the 31-year-old former child star sat down with Wendy Williams, where she gave an update on everything going on in her life -- including, but not limited to, her relationship with her parents, starting a cosmetics company, and designing an island in Dubai! In fact, they were both sitting in the studio audience along with several other members of the Lohan clan! And much MORE, including Drake, James Franco, Bella Hadid, Michael Douglas, Michelle Williams, G-Eazy, Corey Feldman, Catt Sadler and Snooki!

However, the hot couple aren't just going to celebrate Thanksgiving. Related: Miley & Adam Sandler Honor Las Vegas Victims Here's what else we learned from the in-depth interview on the Sirius XM show.

– The Tennessee native admitted she's not in the business for the fame.

pairs famous contestants with regular folks who have, as the game show says, "come on down!

" The sketch let guest host Larry David break out his acclaimed Bernie Sanders impression one more time.

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