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His biological father did not approve of his son playing in bands, so Shaun ran away from home in order to cut a demo while living in friends’ garages and even their cars.Shaun eventually returned home to Pietermaritzburg to live with his mother and stepfather.In 2001, he was in college and started the band this year.He got signed and had a record deal in 2001 from a company in South Africa called Musketeer Records.Lzzy Hale appeared on the cover of Revolvermagazine along with Grace Perry from Landmine Marathon in their December 2009 edition of the "Hottest Chicks in Metal." Lzzy Hale has also been noted for her use of Gibson Guitars.Arejay Hale was featured in the June 2010 issue of Modern Drummermagazine.

There were a couple of bands that he played in where he was a guitarist or the drummer or the bassist but bands mostly wouldn’t let him play guitar.In mid 2012, Halestorm made a special requested appearance at the opening of the Fairfield, Ohio bar, America Live.This was a request by bar consultant, Jon Taffer and featured on the episode "Owner Ousted" of Spike TV's Bar Rescue.This gave the band the opportunity to work with Rick Marty again, who was one of the musical coordinators for the project.On March 28, 2014 Halestorm performed a brand new song called The band has posted letters of the album name allowing for fans to try and unscramble them, and on January 12, 2015, their third full studio album titled "Into the Wild Life" was announced with release dates for the UK and US, April 13 and 14 respectively.cover of Pennsylvania Musician magazine three times (August 1999, March 2000, and February 2003).

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On January 29, 2013 Halestorm performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On February 22 Lzzy Hale sang the Guns N' Roses song "Out Ta Get Me" at Bandit Rock Awards in Stockholm Sweden, where Slash and his band were headlining.

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