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Psychasec exhibitors dressed in all white sold the idea of immortality at CES, through a plan to upload human consciousness to ‘human sleeves’ of whatever design you desire – before concluding around the display of ‘Joel,’ a fresh ‘sleeve' in a vacuum sealed bag, breathing and eating through a tube.

While the display has been jarring to some, there is more to it than initially meets the eye.

Erosion has exposed eight ice sites, some as shallow as a few feet (one meter) below the surface, and going as deep as 100 meters or more, it said.

A mysterious 'huge void', at least 30 meters long, which was found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza (inset) could contain an 'iron throne' made using meteorites.

The two were among the most highly-anticipated exhibitors at CES this year, as the firms have both revealed their visions for Uber-style flying taxi services with the vertical takeoff and landing craft in the foreseeable future.

Volocopter (right) stunned attendees during Intel’s keynote by flying the drone right onto the stage, in what a spokesperson admitted was a ‘ballsy’ move – but, while Workhorse was slated to demonstrate its Sure Fly craft (left) this week, the flight had to be cancelled due to the rain.

Google Earth images of Palm Beach County Florida appear to show Lockheed Martin's update of the long-retired Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, according to a conspiracy theorist at Secureteam10.Archaeologists believe the throne is there to help a Pharoah on his passage to the next life.According to one ancient text researchers analysed, it is said that the Pharaoh, before reaching the stars of the north, will have to pass the 'gates of the sky' and sit on his 'throne of iron'.Norishige Kanai blamed a 'measurement mistake' for the error and said he in fact grew by just 0.8 inches (2cm) in the low gravity of the ISS.'I'm very sorry for tweeting out such fake news,'he said.

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The heavy-duty quadrocopter (main image) is designed to transport payloads up to quarter-of-a-ton, and Boeing says it may use the drone to shift cargo in future.

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