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I've had a string of romances lately where the negative motivation and damaged men served a big role.

While Lucy was starting to have strong feelings for Quinn, he was trying so hard not to get attracted to her. There were some comedic points, but - to use the word again - they were average.

Quinn Mc Intyre is an undercover cop working on a serial murder case.

He was ordered to go on dates with the women who were suspected of being ‘Breathless’, a female serial killer.

Even though he had believed that she was Breathless, he still couldn’t stop thinking and wanting her. By far the worst part of this book was the writing itself.

I felt like I could connect with these two characters almost instantly and the chemistry between them were so hot. LOLThe further I got into the story, the more it kept getting better and better until I was completely wrapped up in this and it became apparent that I couldn’t stop turning page after page until late into the night! At times it made me want to bash my head against a wall. Gibson had this awful habit of describing each and everything thing a character did.

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