Paula abdul arsenio hall dating liquidating trust investment company act

She adds, “It’s been just a couple dates, that’s it.” Stamos, 26, notes that they do have several traits in common.

“We both go to bed early, and we both have horrible allergies,” he says.

Paula Abdul is also very active in her community as a spokesperson and advocate for a variety of national charity organizations.“He also told me that he’d heard I’d gotten a boob job. Then he said, ‘Honey, all this means is that you’ve arrived.’ ” But wait, there’s more.“I heard the one where I was supposed to be living in the Gloved One’s mansion,” she says, laughing.Like a polite schoolgirl, Paula Abdul sits demurely on the edge of a sofa in an executive suite at Warner Brothers, while two producers waft names of potential co-stars under her nose. “Paula,” he says, “my biggest claim to fame is that you once choreographed me.” What is perhaps most remarkable is that this Syrian-Brazilian-French-Canadian-Jewish-American star hasn’t let the fuss trip her up and has remained, by all accounts, disarmingly, charmingly, even alarmingly… “Always nice, always friendly,” says Marlon Jackson, who met her in 1984 when she choreographed the Jacksons’ “Torture” video. “She gets what she wants, but somehow, she’s managed to stay one of the world’s sweetest people.” Says executive producer James Brooks: “Paula is as great as everyone says.” The 17 dancers she hired for the American Music Awards would probably agree.Eastwood…Costner…Hoffman…Aykroyd…but the singer is strangely unallured. When Abdul couldn’t get them into the post-show party at the Shriner Auditorium, she took them all to the Chaya Brasserie and treated them to dinner.

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