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For years, Ivana appeared to have studied the public behavior of the royals.Her friends now called this “Ivana’s imperial-couple syndrome,” and they teased her about it, for they knew that Ivana, like Donald, was inventing and reinventing herself all the time.Donald’s Midas touch may be tarnished, but the banks are still throwing money at him, while Ivana is busy brokering a future of her own. I’m going home,” one Palm Beach resident whispered to his date.“Oh, stay,” she said.Marie Brenner reports on how the Trumps are still going for it all.‘We have an old custom here at Mar-a-Lago,” Donald Trump was saying one night at dinner in his 118-room winter palace in Palm Beach. “It will be so amusing.”It was spring, four years ago.“Our custom is to go around the table after dinner and introduce ourselves to each other.” Trump had seemed fidgety that night, understandably eager to move the dinner party along so that he could go to bed.“Old custom? Donald and Ivana Trump were seated at opposite ends of their long Sheraton table in Mrs. They were posed in imperial style, as if they were a king and queen.They were at the height of their ride, and it was plenty glorious.

Often he wore a business suit to his table; his only concession to local custom was to wear a pink tie or pale shoes.

Instead, she had become regal, filling her houses with the kind of ormolu found in palaces in Eastern Europe.

She had taken to waving to friends with tiny hand motions, as if to conserve her energy.

The Trumps had bought Mar-a-Lago only a few months earlier, but already they had become Palm Beach curiosities.

Across the road was the Bath and Tennis Club, “the B and T,” as the locals called it, and it was said that the Trumps had yet to be invited to join. They kiss my ass in Palm Beach,” Trump told me recently. That club called me and asked me if they could have my consent to use part of my beach to expand the space for their cabanas! ’ Do you think if I wanted to be a member they would have turned me down?

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To her credit, Ivana still served the dinners her husband preferred, so on that warm night the guests ate beef with potatoes. Post’s faux-Tiepolo ceiling remained in the dining room, but an immense silver bowl now rested in the center of the table, filled with plastic fruit.

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