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You never know what might strike a chord with a recruiter or an employer you haven't considered." are going to discern what's relevant to them, not you," Williams says.However, consider turning on your public profile so others can see when you've viewed their profiles.

After unchecking that box, feel free to make updates, follow companies and apply to jobs via Linked In in peace.

We've all had jobs that don't align with our ultimate career goals, times when we've chosen to go back to school or even months we needed a sabbatical.

Wright suggests using the summary part of your Linked In profile to explain these gaps. "If you took a year off to travel or tend to a family situation that needed your attention and were not employed during that time, address these gaps," Wright says.

Here's where Linked In creepiness works in your favor.

Use your advanced search skills to find the hiring manager behind the position you're applying for. Even if she doesn't accept your request, at the very least she'll see you tried, or viewed her profile. "For job seekers online, it's not so different from meeting in person.

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