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Research by OK Cupid found that for women, the most effective images are looking straight into the camera and smiling. For men, a half-profile (looking slightly off-camera) is best – a direct gaze can appear aggressive.

It seems that profiles of just 100-200 words are the most effective.Grammarly discovered that men who write ‘women’ rather than ‘girls’ are 28% more successful.Meanwhile, women who used the words ‘divorce’, ‘separated’ or ‘my ex’ get 4% fewer messages.A study by Grammarly confirmed that just two spelling mistakes in a message lowers a man’s chances of a reply by 14% (interestingly, spelling mistakes by women don’t have such a bad impact).Cyberdaters report that poor spelling gives the impression that the person isn’t educated, and has written without care or interest.

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Things such as age and overall attractiveness are very important for who your pool of available daters is going to be.” While Khan a happily married man for 25 years says he does not have any real world experience in online dating, his colleague Chaudury took full advantage of the study and appears to be having some success. Is a meme that has been socially viral among photoshop enthusiasts and by a popular quiz maker. Most of the cases, the image really was a photoshop creation but in some cases, it was real! Now features scientific based articles and incredible Hybrid Animals!

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