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We would be told to 'stop chelping' when we started answering back'!Another expression still in use in those years, at least among some of my grandparents' generation, was 'to-morn' (listed as 'dialectal' in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary) for 'to-morrow'.

Clouts were cloths usually for cleaning and also knickers (which eventually became cleaning clouts!

Add "jart" meaning to sharply knock and make it shake, e.g.

"dean't jart t' table" meaning "don't knock the edge of the table because it shakes it" (Expression used in Wolds area of East Yorkshire about 65 years ago) Myfather was from Glasgow but would use the phrase "put wood in t'ole (not sure of the spelling).

Did its job and many of the older folk at the time, that I knew on the street(late 50ss) used to have one or two of them in the house. my best friend is from Sheffield and is always saying Yorkshire terms on me..

like 'tackle' is Yorkshire for men's, erm, manhood.

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The only that I can think up at the moment is "ows thi ben since i sor thi" (which came from a friend from Yorkshire that I no longer have contact with). Little fly upon the wall aint you got no clothes at all, no shirt no shimmy anrt you cold, course im flamin cold. Our Mary went to church one Sunday morn, alt folk did gawp n stare, nt preacher said," Mary this is a house of God, not a flower show ", ar Mary stood up, fit to swallow church n allt folk in and said,” fatha, thy heads bald, nowt in it, nowt on it, wouldst tha like a feather owta a my bonnet.”My Nan used to have two sayings which made me laugh as I couldn't make head nor tale of them at the time.

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