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Identifying myself as a journalist, I asked the men behind the Craigslist ads if they'd be willing to speak to me.

Matthew, one of the guys who claims to want nothing back, agrees to a chat on the telephone.

In categories like 'sub-lets and temporary' rooms are advertised for free (or minimal rent) in exchange for whatever arrangement pops the poster’s cork.

One guy is offering free accommodation to a "young female to help me have a baby".

If Sibard offends again within five years he will go to prison. This pales into insignificance when you make a sexual harassment complaint and follow it through to the trial.

Michel’s complaint on Sunday was that Sibard being found guilty of repeated sexual harassment/abuse has largely been greeted with silence and complete indifference by the wine world. A Google search on Sibard brings up the sympathetic interview/profile published by the Revue du Vin de France on 2nd May 2017 just over two months before Sibard was condemned as a sex offender.

Pauline was one of those who successfully brought the case against Sibard.

Sibard's humiliating treatment of Pauline included locking her in his Caves Augé office along with a false claim that she was his mistress.

*This is why breaking the silence is so important to make easier for victims to come forward and to change attitudes to assaults, so that not only will sexual harassment be reported but people will hopefully be empowered to challenge sexual harassment when it happens – often requiring considerable courage. Amazingly Donald Trump is currently president of the United States and a recent visitor to Paris despite a history of multiple sexual harassment claims.A Canadian in his mid-30s, he tells me he rents out several properties in London.Having spoken to his tenants, he found it, "alarming, the difficulties people go through, trying to find a place, then being let down." When he had a two week window between tenants, in the central London flat he lives in himself, he decided to offer the room for free.Regional Chair for Loire @Decanter's World Wine Awards since its inception.Winner of the 2009 Wine Blog Trophy (journalist category) Salon des Vins de Loire.

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The case was brought by three female ex-employees of the Caves Augé, who had been touched inappropriately by Sibard back in 2012.

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