Updating website using joomla 3

Log on to the php My Admin interface, find the import tab, and import the file you have exported above.

Once again, the location of the Import link varies depending on the php My Admin version being used, however this should be fairly intuitive.

You will see that the migrating within the same major version is very simple, at the same time, the process of migration from one major version to another is more difficult process.

Follow our tutorial and you will get the answer on question "How to upgrade Joomla?

), and updating the configuration such that you "go live".Whilst this tutorial is describing the steps for uploading Joomla to your web server from your computer, the steps if you want to perform a transfer from one Joomla server to another is exactly the same, so you can also follow these steps to do this.The difference is that you will be doing this via the CPanel of your Joomla hosting.This is done by selecting all the Joomla files from your local hard drive and dragging them to the window which is connected to the host.This will start transfer of all your Joomla files to your hard disk.

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