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Hand over hand, ledge by crack, I’m pulling myself along the face of a rust-red cliff that soars thousands of feet above anything like safe ground.I swivel my head and there’s a view that makes me think of the Paramount Pictures logo: a hyper-majestic Olympian mountain aglow in the engine’s killer sunset.If there’s a point that spending the day with an Oculus Rift strapped to your face reinforces, it’s that sufficiently conveying the experience of virtual reality with mere words is impossible.

And it’s that ability to perceive objects in uncanny detail up close, or perceive them from any direction by subtly shifting your head just as you would in real life, that finally overwhelms your brain’s logic centers, immersing you completely in studio Playful’s dazzling carnival of the imagination.Its twice-Bafta-nominated producer Sam Watts told me the game took some 4,000 human hours to make, and that the VR version—a non-VR version for PC launched in December 2014—has been in the works for more than two years.It’s also one of less than a dozen launch titles to earn an Oculus “Intense” comfort rating, though Watts told me the studio came up with some clever field-of-view tricks to mitigate queasiness when you’re executing barf-prone maneuvers.It's complete and utter environment immersion at a level beyond anything you're used to with the standard genre of horror games: whispers sound precisely like someone is standing right behind you, as you inch through darkened rooms at a glacier pace in the hope you won't disturb whatever's hiding within.Your favorite RPG game systems are playable with FG.

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